Farmer markets are open. Fresh fruits and vegetables, flowers and more.

Take the time to get out and enjoy Mother Earth.

The pandemic took a toll on all of us. Be sure to at least once a day to get out side.

It's Raining? Guess what you're not going to melt.

In fact rain can help to clean your aura.

Fresh flowers in the house can bring such positive energy. Grab your favorite flower

the brighter the better. Treat yourself to a big bouquet and split it out amongst the rooms.

Give one day a week to yourself. we all need one day off. Sunday is my day of rest. I sleep in, shower and dress when I feel like it, (sometimes I don't) .Sunday is also my no human day. I will gladly chat on the phone, text a little but I do not want to physically be with anyone. In my younger years with four kids at home weekends were very busy. I loved every minute of it. Now they have their families and I cherish my time alone on Sunday.

Suggestion find your special time. No excuses Feel like you should be doing something? you are you are doing whatever for you. read a book, take a walk binge watch TV. do it for you not someone else wants.

Be good to yourself and reap the benefits :^)

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