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Dear Tabby,


I would appreciate a cardboard box condo to be placed at my leisure. To my staff - I am not always to blame for plants being eaten, garbage dumped, or litter scattered on the floor. You know there's dog & cat spirits in this house that can take the blame too, you know :) -- Yours Truly


June 2021

Greetings, My name is "Stormy" it's an honor to meet you! Like most animals, I can see/hear things that normal people can't. Each month, we will be posting stories revolving around the paranormal from the pet's perspective and helpful tips for caring for your furry friends. When it gets hot outside, pavement such as asphalt can get very hot for a pet's paws. Please look out for your pet's paws. Also, keep your vehicle cool when you travel with your pets.I look forward to telling more stories & introducing my friends to you in the future. Until next time! 

- Stormy 

Screen Shot 2021-06-15 at 5.54.51 PM.png

July 2021 -I'm Kakashi, It's nice to meet you. All animals have the capability of sensing good and bad spirits. Usually, when there's one around I'll just stare at them, if they get too close to comfort I usually move or hide. Bad ones, I hiss at them or simply walk away. During late-hours,I interact with my beloved cat-siblings at night from the other side. My owner doesn't see them but I do as clear as day. They may have passed on, but their spirit is very strong.

An interesting fact about cats and animals is that if there's bad weather they take cover and hide until the storm has passed. 

More interesting stories yet to be told! I'll see you guys next time!


[September] My name is Sonny & recently been channeling my inner bat. Yes, I am a Doberman mix- my question is, is this a past life memory? Am I just goofing around with my human? Thanks!

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October (Halloween Edition)

There's a common myth that all black cats are "bad luck" and believe it or not black cats are sometimes not sold during October due to rituals being performed for Halloween involving black cats. Black cats are very precious just like any other cat and are not deemed "bad luck" Even if they cross your path on the road. All cats are adorable and awesome! 


Dear Tabby, 

A customer walked in today and asked about the cat holding the golden coin in the store today, what's the background story? 


Answer: Maneki-Neko (the cat holding the coin) comes in different colors/styles and varies by its physical attributes. The most common colors people see are the following: white, black, red, and gold. Quite simply put they are "Lucky Cats". The white cat you see is meant to bring in good luck and overall good fortune. Hope this helps! :)

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Hi there! Cat's paws in the snow are more sensitive than a Dog's paws. Cat paws are as sensitive as human feet walking in the snow! With that being said, for dogs about 15 minutes at most. Cats, keep them off the snow! Hope this answers your question! Happy Holidays!

Brown Dog Photo Missing Pet Poster-4.png

Answer: Hey there! It sounds to me...that the Dog is playing with the spirit lol and the spirit isn't bothering your dog. If this were something problematic, typically the spirit would do it during the night or be more adamant which would cause your dog to whimper or move away from the spirit It's all good! Great question though!

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