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How to react to Spirits (If you encounter them)

The first and foremost thing to do - don't panic.

Be aware of them, but do not give them all your undivided attention. If you are noticing poltergeist-like activity, then there may be a concern but even then, not to worry. Typically, spirits appear for a purpose; whether it be a connection to the host or the place itself.

At first, they may appear as orbs or shadow people. Then they may or may not make their presence known. Pending on how you react could determine how well they make themselves known to you. If you have dreams of family members or friends that have passed on to the other side then, maybe that spirit might be them. If the spirit/s are helping you or providing positivity - that's good news!

If you are experiencing negativity - then it's time to sage-cleanse your place! If you need assistance with that or service - Please call Regina!

Otherwise, have peace of mind whenever you encounter a spirit :)!

Do you have any questions or comments or stories?

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